Alex WelshAll of Me (song)Ana Sting
Andre WagnerAndrew WoffindenAndy Massaccesi
Arton HumolliArvida ByströmAsh Kingston
Bad Together (song)Be the One (song)Begging (song)
Bella HowardBeso në Diell (song)Between a Bullet and a Heartbreak (song)
Bjarne JonassonBlow Your Mind (Mwah) (song)Buki Fadipe
Casey MooreChad MooreCheats & Thieves
Chris NuttChris SchoonoverClare Shilland
Cocoa Butter Kisses (song)Coup De Main MagazineCraig Greenhill
Cruel (song)Dan KennedyDaniel Åhs Karlsson
Danny AaronsDarío VázquezDexter Navy
Diana MarkosianDreams (song)Dua Lipa
Dua Lipa (album)Dua Lipa WikiaEdd Leigh
For Julian (song)Frederike WetzelsFredrik Sandberg
Garden (song)Genesis (song)Glen Glover
Haze Alieu YamaHeather HawkeHere (song)
Homesick (song)Hotter Than Hell (song)Hotter Than Hell Tour
Håvard JørstadI'd Rather Go Blind (song)I'm Not the Only One (song)
IDGAF (song)I Know There's Gonna Be (Good Times) (song)Iris Bjork
Jack AlexanderJatnna NuñezJay McLaughlin
Jerome CorpuzJonathan BaronJules Faure
Kirstin SinclairLast Dance (song)Laurence Ellis
Linda StulicLions & Tigers & Bears (song)Lisa Bjorheim
Lost In Your Light (song)Lost in Music (song)Love Yourself (song)
Lucy HewettLuis De La LuzMarco Vittur
Mariano VivancoMario TestinoMark Shearwood
Markus PritziMatt MartinMax Lacome
Max MontgomeryMelissa GibbsMy Love (song)
New Love (song)New Rules (song)New York (Mend My Broken Heart) (song)
Nicola FavaronNicole NodlandNo Goodbyes (song)
No Lie (song)One Dance (song)Oskar Gyllensward
Pawel PtakPeter KaadenPeter Van Vught
Rachel KaplanRankinRoger Kisby
Ronan MckenzieRoom for 2 (song)Running (song)
Ryan ParkerSamuel BradleyScared to Be Lonely (song)
Shenoll ZehriShukumbin LimaniSmoke, Drink, Break-Up (song)
Somebody to Love Me (song)Stay (song)Stella McCartney
Taylor MillerThe Hills (song)The Only (EP)
The Self-Titled TourThinking 'Bout You (song)Thomas Ekström
Thurstan ReddingTom GriffithsUS and Europe Tour
Unreleased songsValentina VosVeton Osmani
Voodoo (song)Want To (song)William Glen
Wilson LeeWunmi OnibudoYours (song)
Zachary ChickZoe McConnell